The parents of the schoolboy who shot four people personally bought him a weapon

Detroit arrested the parents of a 15-year-old teenager who staged the shooting at school

four people at their school, November 30, according to the Detroit Free Press.

According to the publication, James and Jennifer Crumbley are accused of manslaughter, they were detained in Detroit – it is believed that they wanted to hide. The parents did not admit their guilt in involvement in the crime.

The prosecution claims that Crumbly personally bought the weapon for his son on November 26, and on November 29, the teacher found the teenager searching for patrons on the Internet and alerted his mother. She ignored the message, but wrote to Ethan that she was not angry and advised him to “act so as not to get caught.” On November 30, parents were told about a schoolchild's drawing, which depicted a machine gun, a bullet and a wounded person, and the inscriptions: “Thoughts do not stop, help”, “My life is useless, the world is dead.” They refused to take their son home, and on the same day he started shooting.

Earlier it was reported that the teenager refused to admit his guilt. According to a representative of the prosecutor's office, he was charged with one episode of terrorism leading to death and four murders, as well as seven episodes of assault with the aim of murder.

On November 30, he opened fire at a school in Oxford, Michigan and killed four students, seven more were injured. The attacker fired 15 to 20 shots from a semi-automatic pistol, with which he was detained.



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