The condition for the rise in price of potatoes above the level of oranges is named

Professor of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Ramazanov: potatoes will not be more expensive than oranges that potatoes may soon rise in price to the level of oranges. He shared his opinion with the Prime agency.

According to him, such statements are not substantiated. The only option in which such a development of events is possible is if Russia almost completely switches to import of root crops. However, now, on average, 95 percent of the total volume of potatoes supplied to the shelves is of Russian production.

At the same time, the economist noted, given the low cost of potatoes, at high rates of price growth, producers will be interested in increasing their production. “And even the efforts of speculators, taking into account inflation, will not be crowned with success,” Ramazanov summed up.

On November 27, Executive Director of the Investment and Agrarian Fund Marina Strogaya said that this year the potato crop was “not the best “, Which led to an increase in the price of it. The expert noted that this year is significantly inferior to the past in terms of yield. “Many foreign supply channels were also disrupted due to the pandemic, and this also makes foreign products more expensive,” she explained.

Strictly added that there is also a factor of fertilizer shortage, which also became a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. All this will lead to higher prices for vegetables in almost all positions, she noted.