Scientists talk about cancer-provoking habits

Chinese scientists: lack of sleep, depression and poor nutrition provoke cancer referring to the WeChat Internet platform.

The authors of the publication stated that the risk of developing cancer is higher in those who do not sleep much, eat food that has been prepared a long time ago, and suffer from depression.

< p> Experts, referring to research, note that lack of sleep destroys the human nervous system, increases irritability, and this leads to oncology. Poor nutrition causes digestive problems and disrupts the removal of fluids, which is dangerous for the body. Food that is prepared in advance contains many carcinogens, they explained.

“Patients with long-term depression have a high risk of cancer,” the experts added.

Previously, Chinese scientists from Tianjin Medical University reported that drinking coffee or tea reduces the risk of stroke and dementia. People who drink two to three cups of coffee or three to five cups of tea a day (or both drinks up to six cups daily) are less likely to experience these conditions.



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