Poland confirms the detention of the Russian vessel “Ruslana”

Poland has confirmed the detention of the Ruslana dry cargo ship in the Baltic Sea in the Baltic Sea, is anchored, TASS reports.

It is noted that on the night of December 4, a ship under the Russian flag en route from Klaipeda to the Northern Port of Gdansk, left the fairway and stopped answering calls. The crew of the dry cargo ship also ignored the calls of the port captain.

Due to the threat of grounding, a subdivision of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service was sent to the scene of the incident. When the officers of the border division boarded, it turned out that three crew members, including the captain, were drunk.

Earlier, the general director of the shipping company Transflot, which owns the dry cargo ship, commented on the detention of the vessel. He confirmed that the crew was drunk and said that other sailors would take over on December 6.

In addition, the general director denied information that the vessel had deviated from the course. “They went to the raid, but missed a little, then returned back to the flight,” he explained.