Poland announced the construction of the “Fourth Reich” in Germany

The head of the ruling party in Poland, Kaczynski: Germany wants to build the Fourth Reich ) Jaroslaw Kaczynski made a statement on German policy. This is reported by Wirtualna Polska.

According to the deputies who attended the meeting of the parliamentary club of the faction, Kaczynski said that “Germany wants to build the Fourth Reich.” He noted that Poland will not allow this to happen.

At the end of October, Poland announced the declared war by the European Union. Polish politicians said that the European Union declared war on the country after the EU Court ordered Warsaw to pay a fine of one million euros per day for the reform of the courts.

According to MP Janusz Kowalski, the European Union has launched a new stage of a hybrid war against Poland. He called on Warsaw to boycott the organization and block all its decisions until the rule of law is restored in Brussels.



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