Nutritionist dispels alcohol and hangover myths

Nutritionist Rob Hobson told about what drugs will not help against hangovers and intoxication His advice was published by Essex Magazine.

According to the expert, many people believe that the use of various alcoholic drinks mixed together makes you intoxicated faster and leads to a stronger hangover the next day. He believes that this is not the case. “The body cannot tell the difference between a glass of wine and a mug of beer,” Hobson says. “If you mix drinks, you probably just drink more than usual, hence such a terrible hangover.”

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Another myth is associated with strong coffee, supposedly helping to sober up. According to Hobson, coffee really invigorates, but does not affect the rate of absorption of alcohol, therefore, it cannot be used to get rid of dizziness and other symptoms of intoxication.

It was previously reported that the famous Swiss cardiologist Thomas Luscher, who headed the authoritative medical journal European Heart Journal, dispelled the myth about the negative effects of wine, chocolate and coffee on health.



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