Muscovites predicted a “warm sandwich” in winter

Forecaster Tishkovets: in winter Moscow will have warm December with February and frosty January that in winter Muscovites will have relatively warm December and February, but also frosty January. RIA Novosti writes about this.

The forecaster gave a long-term scenario for the development of winter in the capital of Russia, describing it with the phraseological unit “warm sandwich”.

“This means that December (positive deviation from the norm plus one or two degrees), and especially February (the heat anomaly plus three degrees above the norm) will be relatively warm, but January – the middle of the “sandwich” – may be frosty for the inhabitants of central Russia (the negative deviation of the average monthly temperature from the norm will reach minus one three degrees) “, – explained the expert.

Also, according to Tishkovets, the start of the Arctic invasion will take place on New Year's Eve.

Earlier in December, the head of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand told Muscovites the timing in the capital of a “severe winter”. So, at night and during the day in the near future in the capital, the thermometers will drop below zero. At the same time, the forecaster noted that Tuesday, December 7, will be an exception,