It became known about the reluctance of Biden to impose sanctions against Russia

US Ambassador to Moscow Sullivan: Washington's decision on sanctions against Russia depends on Moscow policy against Russia. US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan said this in an interview with RBC.

The diplomat noted that, despite the unwillingness of the American leader to impose sanctions on Russia, Washington's decision will depend on Moscow's actions. Sullivan recalled that the United States imposed sanctions on Russia in areas where there are “fundamental differences”, as well as because of concerns about Moscow’s actions that are incompatible with Washington’s interests.

The ambassador also added that the previous administration of the US president “ took significant steps to counter actions with which we deeply disagreed, ”and the Biden administration continues that path. Sullivan stressed that from Biden's conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it became known that the American leader does not want to continue to impose sanctions on the Russian side. “But it depends on Russia, the United States and its allies, on resolving some of the issues that led to the imposition of the sanctions,” he concluded.

Earlier, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan assessed the proposal to lift mutual diplomatic restrictions with Russia. He stressed that he had spoken many times on the topic of diplomatic relations and the size of embassies, while the US and Russian governments were also involved in this discussion. “But it’s not easy to say that we will remove all restrictions,” Sullivan said.



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