In India, the military shot civilians by mistake

NDTV: The military ambushed the village of Oting and mistakenly opened fire on local residents at least 13 civilians and one member of the security forces after being mistaken for the insurgents in the village of Oting. This was reported by the NDTV channel.

The military, having learned about the possible movement of militants in the Mon region, which borders Myanmar, is reported to have ambushed the village of Oting. However, the villagers were mistaken for the rebels – as a result, fire was opened on peaceful Indians who were returning to the village by car.

According to police sources, other villagers defended their fellow villagers and attacked the military … It is noted that the security forces began shooting at the crowd in self-defense, thus wounding at least seven more people.

Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and called for a thorough investigation of the incident.

Earlier in December, in the United States in the city of Atlanta (Georgia), an unknown person opened fire in a car at people, at least four people were killed. Law enforcement officers shot and killed the suspect, one of the officers was killed.