Honored coach of Russia made a prediction for the Davis Cup final against Croatia

Honored tennis coach of the Russian Federation Kamelson: our tennis players must win the Davis Cup

The Russian national tennis team must win the Davis Cup in the final. This prediction was made by the honored coach of Russia Vladimir Kamelzon in a conversation with the Lenta.ru correspondent.

world rankings Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic. Of course, you can beat them, but I would not want to bring them to this, “Kamelson said.

The coach also stressed the importance of the result in the game against Croatian leader Marina Cilic. “We saw how great he performed at the Kremlin Cup and won the tournament in St. Petersburg. Defeating him will be the key to success, ”the coach added. He also stressed that reaching the final is already a great achievement for the Russian national team. “It remains to take a decisive step,” – said Kamelson.

The Russian national team will play with Croatia on Sunday, December 5th. In the first match, Andrei Rublev will face Borno Goyo, then Daniil Medvedev will play against Cilic. If the representatives of one country fail to win in both matches, the fate of the tournament will be decided in the doubles match. Mektic and Pavich will play with Rublev and Aslan Karatsev.