Doctors reveal the special danger of coronavirus for one category of people

Doctor Vorslov: hypertensive patients have a hard time developing COVID-19 due to specific receptors

the rapid infection with coronavirus and the more severe development of infection in the body are aggravated. The special danger of COVID-19 for this category of people was stated by the chief physician of the Clinic of Professor Kalinchenko Leonid Vorslov in an interview with the Public News Service.

The specialist noted that hypertensive patients have a lot of specific receptors, due to which high blood pressure is maintained – at the same time, they are also used by the virus to enter the cell. So, with the same load in the body of a healthy person and a patient with hypertension, infection will be expressed in different ways.

“Roughly speaking, a healthy person has five thousand receptors on the cell surface, that is, five thousand viral units can enter the cage. And a patient with arterial hypertension has 10 times more such receptors. And, accordingly, 50 thousand viruses can enter the cell. Most likely, he will get sick faster and the coronavirus infection will pass harder, “Vorslov explained.

At the same time, the normalization of blood pressure with drugs also leaves patients at risk, since the number of specific receptors does not change. Nevertheless, it is possible to reduce the chances of a mild course of coronavirus, subject to timely treatment and constant monitoring by specialists.

Earlier in December, Doctor of Medical Sciences Dmitry Yedelev called a way to protect against the omicron strain of coronavirus. According to him, the only effective way not to get infected with a new strain is vaccination with Sputnik V.



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