A photo of a flight attendant with her legs upside down in the cockpit impressed fans

The flight attendant posed in an unusual pose on the plane and amazed netizens

The steward posed in an unusual pose on the plane. The photo is published by the Instagram account @cabincrewonline, which covers the leisure of the crew members.

In the photo, the stewardess is sitting in a chair in the cockpit with her legs raised on the steering panel. At the same time, she is dressed in a corporate uniform, consisting of a light shirt, a blue miniskirt and black heels. Of the accessories on the girl – nylon tights, earrings and a watch.

Community subscribers admired the girl's appearance in the comments under the post. “A very hot shot”, “You look so delicious”, “How beautiful you have lifted your legs up”, “Great, I want to fly with you”, “Just killer legs,” fans wrote.

Earlier in In November, a former flight attendant told how to keep a fresh appearance after any flights on the plane. First of all, she drew attention to how important it is to create a comfortable atmosphere for herself during the flight. To do this, she advised to take on board a sleep mask, earplugs, essential oils, a blanket and a pillow.



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