Worker dies at Russian gold mine

In the Okinsky region of Buryatia, a worker died at a gold mine lost consciousness, one of them died. This was reported on the website of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

They added that a total of four Russians went down to the unaired face, two of them got out on their own.

The website of the regional Investigative Committee says that the employees departments went to the place of emergency. A criminal case was initiated under the article on violation of industrial safety requirements for hazardous facilities, which led to the death of a person.

Earlier, on November 25, a methane explosion occurred in the Listvyazhnaya mine in the Kemerovo Region. As a result of the emergency, 51 people died, including five mine rescuers who went in search of miners. In the aftermath of the accident, President Vladimir Putin demanded that those who neglect the safety of workers in mines, putting them at mortal risk, should be “harshly questioned” by the law.



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