Virologist explained the advantage of “Sputnik V” at the first vaccination

Virologist Chepurnov: “Sputnik V” gives higher immunity than “Sputnik Light” Alexander Chepurnov of the Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine explained to what is the advantage of the Sputnik V vaccine, and also why it is advised to use it for the first vaccination, and not Sputnik Light.

After the initial administration of the Sputnik Light single-component vaccine, a person will not have such high immunity as after the introduction of the Sputnik V two-component vaccine, the professor said.

Sputnik V's components differ in the carrier virus, the first is made on the basis of adenovirus Type 26, and the second type 5, he explained. “Adenovirus of the 26th type is used as a vehicle on which some proteins of the coronavirus are injected into a person in order to make a portrait of them against which the immune system will begin to be excited, and so that when re-introduced does not interfere with the immunity that is formed against this very adenovirus , another adenovirus was taken for re-introduction, “Chepurnov specified.

As for the Sputnik Light vaccine, this drug is the first component of Sputnik V, that is, it is made only on the basis of adenovirus 26th type. “This is an inadequate vaccination,” the professor concluded.

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