US wants more from Taliban to promote women's rights in Afghanistan

Special Representative West: US expects more from the Taliban in ensuring women's rights

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West welcomes the decree of the leader of the radical Taliban movement ( a terrorist organization banned in Russia ) Haybatulla Akhundzad on the protection of women's rights, but Washington wants more from the new Afghan government on this issue.

The diplomat noted that the United States is positive about strengthening the ability of women to decide whether to marry and whom.

“At the same time, much more is needed to ensure women's rights in all aspects of Afghan society, including schools, workplaces, politics and the media, ”West said.

The leader of the radical Taliban movement, Khaybatullah Akhundzada, ordered measures to ensure the rights of women in Afghanistan. He called the woman a noble and free person and stressed that she is not property.

Akhundzada forbade the forced marriage of Afghan women and secured them the right to determine their future. He also gave widows the right to inherit shares of property from husband, father, children, and other family members. The leader of the movement ordered departments, the Supreme Court and local administrations to inform citizens about women's rights.



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