Ukraine explained the US soft position on Nord Stream 2

Retired SBU Colonel Starikov: US Leader Biden does not interfere with Nord Stream 2

Retired SBU Colonel and military expert Oleg Starikov explained on the Nash TV channel that US President Joe Biden agreed not to interfere with the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in order to prevent Germany from leaving NATO.

According to him, the American leader was talking about the fact that the United States will “wet” Russia, but in fact provided an opportunity for LNG to stand empty, “all the gas went to China, and Russia occupied the European market.” “As a result, they gave the Germans the German economy to develop, concluding a memorandum with them, so that the Germans did not leave NATO,” Starikov noted.

He stressed that earlier the German side had declared the need to withdraw the nuclear weapons from the American Ramstein airbase in Germany, but now the position has changed to a softer side.

Starikov also added that they intend to turn Ukraine into a “gray zone”, which in modern military science means the territory on which they will pass hostilities.

On November 28, it became known that Germany called on the United States to abandon sanctions against Nord Stream 2. The German side stressed that the gas pipeline does not pose a threat to Ukraine, since the transit of Russian gas to Europe continues through its territory. At the same time, the government stressed that the position on this project does not affect Berlin's policy towards Russia.