UFC head gets rid of coronavirus

TMZ: UFC head Dana White says he has recovered from coronavirus

UFC head Dana White has recovered from the coronavirus. This is reported by TMZ.

The 52-year-old promoter admitted that he feels good. The COVID-19 test was negative, White said. He noted that he got rid of the disease on the fifth day after he passed a positive test for coronavirus.

The illness of the head of the UFC became known on December 1. White contracted the infection during the family's Thanksgiving celebration. The American was vaccinated.

In August of this year, the head of the UFC spoke about the possible introduction of compulsory vaccinations for fighters of the promotion. The functionary said that he would never force athletes to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The UFC is one of the few sports organizations that held events amid the acute phase of the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, for international tournaments, the UFC organized a “fighting island” in Abu Dhabi, where special security protocols are in force.



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