Two hippopotamuses contract coronavirus in Belgium

Het Nieuwsblad: two hippos at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium have been diagnosed with coronavirus

Two hippos at the Antwerp Zoo have been diagnosed with a coronavirus at the Antwerp Zoo. This was reported by the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

The animals named Imani and Hermien developed a runny nose, after which the veterinarians took tests from them. It is not yet clear why the hippos got sick, the zoo followed strict sanitary measures, the employees were not infected.

“As far as I know, this is the first case with this species. All over the world, this virus is mainly registered in apes and felines, “said a veterinarian who took samples from hippos.

Currently, the animals are doing well, but are isolated. In addition to masks and shoe disinfection, employees wear safety goggles, avoid contact with other animals, and take a rapid test daily. Until a negative result for coronavirus, the aviary will be closed to visitors.

Earlier, the inhabitants of New England zoos in the northeastern United States began to vaccinate against COVID-19. Not a single infected animal was found on the territory, but the administration of the institution decided to inoculate them with Zoetis as a prophylaxis.



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