The State Duma compared Oksimiron with the poets of the Silver Age

Deputy Drapeko on Oksimiron's new album: the intelligentsia has always been oppositional Oksimiron's studio album (Oxxxymiron, real name – Miron Fedorov) “Beauty and Ugliness”, after which she shared her impressions and compared the performer with the poets of the Silver Age. Her words are quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says.” “He has an unconditional dignity – he is very literary, he is talented. (…) I heard the same thing: this is the beginning of the 20th century, Semyon Kirsanov, Khlebnikov, even Mayakovsky. These are all from this series. Only then it was without accompaniment, “said Drapeko.

The deputy noted oppositional motives in the rapper's songs, but called them provocations, which she urged not to succumb to. “The intelligentsia at all times was in opposition to any government – be it tsarist, even Soviet, even modern – this is normal,” the artist explained.

In November, Oksimiron released a series of singles and videos for them. The artist's fans decided that he would soon release his first studio album in six years. It was supposed that the release will be released on November 12, but on this date Fedorov did not publish an album, but a collection of old songs “Time of Troubles”, supplementing it with two new ones. The album was released on the evening of December 1. In the first few hours, netizens listened to the songs several million times.



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