The Russians were reminded of the safe thickness of ice on the reservoirs

The Emergencies Ministry called ice 10-12 centimeters thick for humans

The Emergencies Ministry called the Russians safe ice thickness in water bodies They warned that it is dangerous to go out on the ice that has not yet strengthened, reports RIA Novosti

“Recall that for a safe stay on the ice, its thickness must be 10-12 centimeters, for a massive exit of people – at least 25 centimeters.” , – emphasized in the capital's headquarters of the Ministry of Emergencies.

The department also added that on December 1 in Moscow began a month of security, which is aimed at preventing possible accidents at the water bodies of the capital. This action will last until mid-January.

“As part of interaction with public organizations, more than 100 rescue posts and coastal patrol routes have been planned at the city's water bodies with the involvement of 1,100 volunteer rescuers,” added the rescuers.