The parliament laughed at the report on the “Russian invasion”

Deputy of Rada Rabinovich: parliamentarians laughed during the report on the “Russian invasion” “Vadim Rabinovich on his Facebook page was surprised at the reaction of his colleagues to the report of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexei Reznikov on the danger of a” Russian invasion. ” this time the deputies laughed and talked to each other merrily. “They understand that this is another 'coup',” the deputy wrote.

He also accompanied his publication of a video of the speech of the head of the Ministry of Defense, which shows parliamentarians not listening to him.

Previously, the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian portal “” Yuri Butusov said that NATO countries have come to positive conclusions on the possibility of supplying weapons to Kiev in the event of a Russian invasion. According to him, the allies of Kiev in November analyzed the capabilities of the Ukrainian army, including on-site visits. He stressed that the main subject of interest is the real combat capability of the troops in the event of a possible “Russian invasion”.



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