The parliament demanded to stop sponsoring a film about gays

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine demanded to stop funding the film about LGBT people “Dedicated to LGBT people. Deputy Viktor Myalik announced this on his Facebook.

According to Myalik, more than 120 deputies signed an appeal to the Prime Minister of the republic Denis Shmygal with a demand to stop funding a film about gays. They cite violations of the requirements of Article 2 of the Law “On the Protection of Public Morality.” and nepotism on the weight of religious saints “, – wrote the deputy (spelling and punctuation of the author preserved – approx.” “).

At the end of October, the Ukrainian State Film Agency allocated 20 million hryvnia (about 760 thousand dollars) for the shooting of the film “My Young Prince”, directed by Khachatur Vasilyan. The film tells the story of a 17-year-old boy from a wealthy family who leads a riotous lifestyle. His life will be changed by meeting two men who will become key figures in the double murder case. The film will feature Ukrainian actors and will feature many erotic scenes. The premiere is scheduled for summer 2022.



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