The owners of the house tried to get rid of the snakes and burned it

In Maryland, an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of snakes resulted in the burning of a house to the burning of real estate, CNN reports.

The snake plague has been a long-standing problem for this house, both under its current owners and under its previous tenant. The homeowners decided to smoke the animals. For these purposes, they laid out coals in different parts of the house, which should blow up smoke that scares off reptiles. However, they were too close to combustible materials, and therefore a fire started in the basement, which quickly spread to all floors.

Fortunately, the owners of the house were not there at that moment. A neighbor passing by saw the smoke and called the emergency services. It took the firefighters several hours to take control of the fire, but it was not completely extinguished until the next morning. The incident was considered an accident, since there was no evidence or intentions to ignite the fire.

It is reported that the building was acquired by the new owners quite recently, its cost was $ 1.8 million (about 133 million rubles). The damage caused by the fire was estimated at more than a million dollars (about 74 million rubles).

Earlier it became known that the Sverdlovsk regional court sentenced a resident of the city of Volchansk, 33-year-old Arkady Aksenov, to 12 years in prison, who set fire to the house with his family, resulting in the death of his wife. The convict was found guilty of especially brutal murder committed in a generally dangerous way, attempted murder of two people and willful destruction of property.



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