The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine called the cost of the war with Russia

Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov: if Russia invades, Europe will face millions of refugees in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory. He is quoted by UNIAN.

“The big war in Ukraine will plunge the whole of Europe into a crisis. The sudden appearance of three to five million Ukrainian refugees fleeing a Russian invasion will be just one of many serious problems, ”the Ukrainian minister said. According to him, the European Union is also facing a food crisis due to the lack of supplies of Ukrainian food.

Reznikov also noted that the war with Russia would put an end to the international order based on the principles of law. He said the Russian attack would usher in a “new era of global instability.” “There is much more at stake than the fate of independent Ukraine,” Reznikov added.

Earlier it was reported that American intelligence announced Russia's plans to invade Ukraine and drew up a map of an offensive on several fronts. According to intelligence documents, Moscow plans to involve 100 battalion tactical groups of up to 175,000 troops in the offensive.