The guy slept with a client of a fitness club and was in an awkward position

The American started dating a girl whose mother he slept with two years ago

21-year-old American started dating a girl and that her mother was the woman he slept with two years ago. This is reported by The Sun.

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A Reddit user told the forum that while he was working in the gym, he met a 40-year-old single mother who looked to be 25 years old. After some time, a short romance began between him and a client of a fitness club, during which they slept twice. After that, the woman felt ashamed that she was sleeping with such a young guy, and they broke up.

Two years later, the American began dating a girl, which, according to him, he was crazy about. Once she invited him to a family dinner, where the guy was surprised to recognize his former lover in the person of her mother. Moreover, the girl's own father met him.

As a result, the mother, secretly from her daughter and husband, asked the guy not to talk about their closeness, because her family would be in jeopardy. According to the woman, her daughter will also not forgive them for such a relationship and the couple will have to leave. Now the young man is in an awkward position, because the girl invited him to live in their house and celebrate Thanksgiving together, and the young man has no reason to refuse.

In July, a story appeared about how a girl became pregnant from her boyfriend's father during a family vacation. The man said that he was going to marry his beloved. At the same time, his parents treated the girl well, and she often went with their family on trips.