The footballer of the Russian national team compared the work of the team under Karpin and Cherchesov

Daniil Fomin on the difference between Karpin and Cherchesov: Valery Georgievich is closer to the players teams under Valery Karpin and Stanislav Cherchesov. He is quoted by Match TV.

“Valery Georgievich is closer to the players – he communicates a lot with the team. And he asks the guys for their opinion on what and how, ”the footballer shared. Fomin noted that this approach brings the team closer.

The footballer also spoke about the difference in the preparation of the team. “Under Cherchesov, training was usually in the morning, now it is in the evening,” Fomin commented on the differences in the work of the team's coaches. At the same time, the player added that the new coach began to pay more attention to the theoretical training and nutrition of athletes.

The Russian national team lost to Croatia in the final match of the 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament. The team will continue to fight for the right to play at the World Cup in the play-offs. In the first round on March 24, Karpin's team will play with the Poles. If the national team wins, they will have to compete for reaching the final stage of the tournament with the winner of the Sweden – Czech Republic pair.

Karpin was appointed coach of the Russian national team on 23 July. The contract with a specialist is valid until March 31, 2022.



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