The crews of the missile complex “Bastion” took over duty on the island of Matua

“Calculations of the coastal missile system” Bastion ” The Pacific Fleet first deployed and & nbsp; took over duty on & nbsp; Matua Island. On & nbsp; this remote island in the & nbsp; central part of the Kuril Ridge, the Pacific Fleet's missilemen will be on a 24-hour watch to & nbsp; control over & nbsp; the adjacent water area and & nbsp; strait zones & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; noted in the & nbsp; VVO.

The & nbsp; press service also said that & nbsp; to the & nbsp; island zone with the help of large amphibious ships of the Primorsky flotilla of various forces of the Pacific Fleet delivered equipment, personnel and & nbsp; materiel.

In addition, an autonomous military town has been deployed on the & nbsp; territory of Matua by the forces of the logistics units of the fleet. In the & nbsp; town & nbsp; work has already been completed on & nbsp; improvement of the premises, which are intended for & nbsp; year-round service.

“ The personnel have begun & nbsp; on duty and & nbsp; execution of planned combat training activities & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; concluded in the & nbsp; press service.

Earlier, on November 29 & nbsp; the Russian military conducted anti-ship exercises with & nbsp; participation of the Ball missile systems and & nbsp; & laquo; Bastion & raquo; on the & nbsp; Black Sea coast. The exercise took place against the & nbsp; background of the US missile destroyer Arleigh Burke entering the & nbsp; water area.

The Bastion Mobile Coastal Missile Complex armed with the Onyx unified supersonic homing anti-ship missile. PBRK is developed, in & nbsp; in particular, for & nbsp; destruction of surface ships of all classes and & nbsp; types from & nbsp; composition of naval and & nbsp; aircraft carrier strike groups.