The crew of the nearly crashed plane was suspended from work

S7 temporarily suspended the crew of an aircraft that almost crashed due to icing the crew of an aircraft that nearly crashed due to icing. This was reported to RIA Novosti by a company representative.

According to the agency, the crew has been suspended for the duration of the investigation, which is now underway, this is a standard procedure in such cases. The carrier also promised to strengthen control over ground handling of aircraft at Magadan airport. S7 stated that they admit the possibility of violations during the de-icing treatment of the vessel at the airport.

Earlier, negotiations between the pilots of the Magadan-Novosibirsk flight were made public. The liner commander warned the air traffic controller about the situation on board. He clarified that the crew is unable to stabilize the plane due to “severe icing.”

The plane's emergency landing became known on Friday, December 3. Almost immediately after takeoff, the autopilot suddenly turned off, and a second later turned on again. The aircraft went into direct control mode, without the participation of the autopilot. Then the pilots saw a signal about icing of the engines, the board began to “fall through”, dangling from side to side. They managed to plant him in Irkutsk.



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