Somnologists talked about ways to combat insomnia and lack of sleep

Somnologists: to fight insomnia, you need to breathe more fresh air

Somnologists from Sweden said that sleep problems can cause problems with attention and learning, as well as short-term memory. Susanna Jernelev and Jun Axelsson talked about ways to combat sleep deprivation, including advice to breathe more fresh air. If you are psychologically in general not in the best shape, against the background of lack of sleep, this becomes especially obvious, “Yernelev said.

She added that before going to bed, you need to remove your watch and phone from yourself. Constantly looking at the dial and thinking about how quickly time is running out is additional stress for the body. The specialist advised not to stay in bed when it is difficult to fall asleep for a long time. A good way to fight insomnia is to get up and do something calm so that the place to sleep does not become a stressor.

According to Axelsson, most of the consequences of sleep deprivation are in sensitive people, who always find it difficult to concentrate. To get rid of lack of sleep, the sleep doctor recommended drinking coffee strategically – that is, drinking it before taking on a particularly important task. In addition, you need to constantly breathe fresh air and, if possible, arrange a short nap of five to 30 minutes.

“The latest research shows that during sleep, the brain gets rid of residual products, and prolonged lack of sleep becomes a risk factor development of Alzheimer's disease. But it is still impossible to say how great this risk is, “the specialist added.

Earlier, doctor Alexander Kalinkin called a safe daily sleep rate. According to him, it is better to sleep no more than half an hour during the day, otherwise there is a great risk that a person's sleep will worsen the next night.