Sergey Kirienko spoke at the studio-lecture hall of the Knowledge Society at the #MYVMESTE forum

Sergey Kiriyenko called the Znanie society an example of educational volunteering “Is an example of educational volunteering. After all, the main task of a lecturer, a teacher is to pass on knowledge to the next generation, “said Sergei Kiriyenko.

He thanked all the lecturers, teachers and teachers who devoted themselves to enlightenment. Over the past six months, more than 7 thousand lecturers have spoken at the sites of the Knowledge Society, more than 15 thousand lectures have been held, ”Sergei Kirienko reminded his attention. He called this result outstanding, and also noted that Knowledge does not plan to stop there. In addition, according to Kiriyenko, unlike other countries, in Russia the volunteer movement has no age.

“Volunteering in Russia is becoming universal – people of all ages are engaged in it. All over the world, only students from 17 to 25 years old become volunteers. Then they start families, chores begin, and many return to volunteering only at the age of silver. It is different here: during a pandemic, people aged 35 to 50 came to help doctors, deliver food, went to nursing homes, to children, to animal shelters. The number of silver volunteers is also increasing. They are actively involved in volunteer activities. This is more than 30 thousand caring people who can give a hundred points ahead of young colleagues. I am very glad that even schoolchildren – children under the age of 18 – are becoming volunteers, “said Sergei Kiriyenko.

According to him, only 34 percent of Russians used to trust the volunteer movement. Today this figure has grown to 88 percent.