Scientists explain the “humanity” of the omicron strain of coronavirus

Nference: the omicron strain has become more human due to a fragment of the respiratory virus

New omicron mutation COVID-19 during the next could have taken some of the genetic material from another respiratory virus, possibly causing the common cold. This conclusion was reached by a group of specialists from the Nference company, the results of their study are published on the OSF Preprints website.

The researchers stated that this genetic sequence of the omicron strain was not found in any of the earlier variants of the coronavirus, called SARS-CoV -2, but is common in the human genome and in many other viruses, including those that cause the common cold.

Materials on the topic00:01 – December 1 “There is reason for panic” Why is the new strain of coronavirus dangerous and what can Russians expect from the omicron? Biologist answers 17:08 – October 28 Another COVID-19 attackStudy leader Venki Soundararajan of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, believes that by including this particular fragment, the omicron strain “began to look more human.” The scientist suggests that this will allow the new variant of the coronavirus to avoid attacks from the immune system. This may mean that it has become easier for the virus to enter the body from the body, but the disease will be mild or asymptomatic.

Scientists do not yet know for sure whether the omicron strain is more infectious than other variants, causes whether it is a more severe disease or will overtake the delta variant in prevalence, the study emphasizes. It may take several weeks to get answers to these questions.

Earlier, British scientists, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), determined the timing of the coronavirus pandemic. In their opinion, COVID-19 will pose a danger until at least 2026.

A new strain of coronavirus under the code B.1.1.529 was detected in South Africa on November 11, isolated cases were also recorded in Japan, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Egypt, Austria and other countries.



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