Rosaviatsia disclosed the details of the incident with the change in the course of the airliner due to the NATO aircraft

Russia will send a protest via diplomatic channels in connection with a liner change of course due to a NATO aircraft

by a passenger plane heading over the Black Sea from behind a NATO aircraft. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Federal Air Transport Agency.

The department also confirmed that the liner, which was flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow, changed echelon due to a NATO reconnaissance aircraft. A spokesman for the Federal Air Transport Agency said that on the morning of December 3, a NATO CL600 reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea was flying with an intensive descent from an altitude of 11,000 to an altitude of 9,200 meters, while crossing the route established for civil aircraft. The crew of the vessel did not respond to repeated inquiries from Russian airspace services, she added.

At almost the same time, civilian routes were running through this area: Aeroflot A333, en route from Tel Aviv to Moscow, and Malta's CL650 en route from Sochi to Skopje (North Macedonia).

The Federal Air Transport Agency also notes that the increasing intensity of flights of the alliance's aircraft near the borders of Russia creates risks of dangerous incidents in relation to civilian ships. The representative of the department stressed that the Russian aviation authorities in connection with these actions will initiate a protest through diplomatic channels.

The incident took place in the morning of December 4. A US reconnaissance aircraft crossed established civil aviation routes and approached a passenger Airbus. The American pilots did not respond to inquiries from the ground. A passenger plane en route Tel Aviv – Moscow was forced to change direction in order to avoid a rapprochement with a US reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea.

Later it became known that the evasion of a military aircraft moving towards a Russian civilian liner had to be done at an altitude of ten kilometers. After the US Air Force reconnaissance ignored the signals from the passenger plane and from the ground control, the airliner first lowered the altitude by half a kilometer, and then climbed a kilometer.



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