Rogozin called the timing of the launch of the Russian nuclear “Zeus”

Rogozin: nuclear tug Zeus is planned to be lifted by 2030

Roscosmos plans to launch nuclear tug Zeus”. The timing of the launch of a promising product during the 72nd International Astronautical Congress, held in Dubai, was announced by the director of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin. The statement of the head of Roscosmos is quoted by Russian Space.

“We plan to raise this apparatus – it is called by the name of the ancient Greek god Zeus – to a safe altitude of at least 800 kilometers by 2030, turn it on and start the first expedition “, – Rogozin said.

According to him, the electric power of the power plant of the tug will be 0.5 megawatts, which will allow after the gravity assist maneuvers near the Moon and Venus to start towards Jupiter. “At the same time, the device is capable of taking such a payload that research probes will be launched from each of the celestial bodies,” the magazine writes.

In December, at the All-Russian Forum of Cosmonautics and Aviation “CosmoStart 2021”, the executive director of Roscosmos for promising programs and science, Alexander Bloshenko said that Zeus will be able to deliver tens of tons of payload to the satellites of Jupiter.

In August Rogozin announced breakthrough results for Roscosmos, which will give a test of a drip refrigerator-emitter for Zeus on the ISS. In his opinion, the nuclear tug will make it possible to move large stations and orbital modules around the solar system and beyond.



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