Norwegian skier complained about the Russian woman at the World Cup

Norwegian Yohaug about the behavior of the Russian Sorina on the track: in my opinion, this is unsportsmanlike during the 10 km time trial at the World Cup. Her words are quoted by Match TV.

“Sorina stepped on my sticks how many times. In my opinion, it is unsportsmanlike, ”complained Johaug and explained that she had to turn around to understand what was happening. The athlete was upset by this behavior of her rival in the race.

Earlier, the Italian skier Federico Pellegrino shared his opinion on the reasons for the tensions between Russian and Norwegian athletes. He noted that the problem is related to the unclear rules of the International Ski Federation, which athletes interpret in different ways.

Johaug is a 2010 Olympic relay champion and a 14-time world champion. At the moment, the athlete takes the second place in the overall standings of the World Cup. Sorina is the silver medalist of the 2021 World Championship in the relay. She took the 19th position in the overall standings. In the race on December 4, the Norwegian became the second, the Russian – the eighth.



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