It became known about the reorganization of Twitter

Washington Post: New Twitter CEO Agrawal Announces Reorganization rigor must start from the top, and changed the principles of the formation of departments. This became known to the Washington Post, RIA Novosti reports.

“From” creation “,” design “and” product development “into teams organized by what they work on – revenue, consumer, technology” , – quotes the publication of Agrawal's letter to employees.

As noted, Michael Montano and Dantley Davis will leave the company. Agrawal himself attributed the reorganization to a desire to clarify decision-making, increase accountability and speed up execution. “We've all discussed the critical need for greater operational rigor, and that must start from the top,” Agrawal said.

Twitter reported its moves to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, according to the publication. >

On November 29, it became known that the entrepreneur and software architect Jack Dorsey, who was the CEO and founder of Twitter, will leave the company. It was clarified that in addition to Twitter, Dorsey is the founder of Square. Forbes estimates the businessman's fortune at $ 11.8 billion.