Former soloist of “Mirage” forced to have two abortions drinking husband

Singer Sukhankina: my husband drank and did not want children, both pregnancies from him ended tragically in an interview with Boris Korchevnikov in the program “The Fate of a Man” that she decided to have an abortion at the behest of her second husband, another pregnancy from him also ended in tragedy.

Sukhankina was married to the pianist-accompanist of the Bolshoi Theater. In a conversation with a journalist, the singer admitted that she gave birth to a dead eight-month-old baby from her drinking spouse for the second time.

Sukhankina is a mother of two children: daughter Valeria and son Sergei. The singer decided to adopt in 2013, the girl was then three years old, and the boy was four. Their biological mother was deprived of parental rights, and their father was repeatedly convicted.

Earlier, singer Sukhankina revealed the secret of losing weight by 30 kilograms in nine months. The singer stated that she had liposuction. According to the ex-vocalist of “Mirage”, before the operation, she could not bend down and tie shoelaces or zip up her boots because of her belly.



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