Factors that increase the risk of stroke identified

Irish Scientists: Anger and Exercise Increase Stroke Risk , reports the portal Express.

Experts note that stroke is a condition that occurs due to a sudden obstruction of blood flow to the brain. This ailment is one of the leading causes of death or disability in people around the world.

Researchers have found that anger is a potential trigger for stroke. A person is expected to have a seizure within an hour of the outbreak of anger or upset. In addition, it turned out that every 20th patient performed heavy physical activity before the stroke.

“We looked at two separate triggers. Our study found that anger or emotional distress was associated with an approximately 30 percent increased risk of stroke within one hour of an episode. The odds were also higher for people with a lower level of education, ”one of the scientists said, adding that heavy physical activity increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke by 60 percent.

Previously, a nutritionist, an expert on family nutrition Sarah Pflugradt named vegetables, the use of which helps to significantly (by 24 percent) reduce the risk of stroke in a person. The specialist noted that millions of people become victims of stroke every year. This can be avoided by taking measures to improve cardiovascular health and by following a diet. The best foods for this are sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.



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