Zakharova accused the West of escalating tensions around Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova accused the West of escalating around Kiev because of its interests escalating tensions around Ukraine to lobby for their own interests. She expressed this opinion on the air of the program “60 minutes” on the TV channel “Russia 1”, reports TASS.

in order to lobby for their interests, “- said a representative of the RF Ministry.

In her opinion, Western countries use such tactics, since” they can no longer be in the field of legal relations “on an equal footing. “Each time, more and more ideological and political models are invented in order for this inequality to be realized,” Zakharova said.

Also, according to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, tension around Ukraine is also being pumped up through “explanation and rehabilitation” The West is Kiev's failure to comply with the Minsk agreements. “These are all kinds of exercises, this is the supply of weapons and the use of these weapons in the conflict zone, this is the allocation of funds not for humanitarian purposes, but for military purposes,” she stressed.

Zakharova concluded that Moscow is not against Washington's assistance in the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev, if this assistance is aimed at their implementation.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov admitted that the Ukrainian authorities could break into military adventures. As Lavrov noted, the likelihood of such actions by the Kiev authorities poses a direct threat to Russia's security. At the same time, he recalled that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin had already stated that Moscow was not interested in any conflicts.