YouTube accused of meddling in French presidential elections

French presidential candidate Zemmour accused YouTube of interfering in the elections accused the online service YouTube of electoral interference. He announced this on his Twitter.

The candidate spoke to the service after an age limit for viewers was set on the video in which he talks about his nomination. YouTube obliged citizens to show a photo of an identity document or a bank card to confirm their age before watching Zemmur's video.

The journalist was outraged by the service's decision. “The Thought Police are no longer even hiding: they are flaunting their tyrannical nature,” he concluded. According to Zemmur, this suggests that a real battle begins.

Zemmur's nomination for the post of president of the Fifth Republic became known on October 30. He is known for being a radical rightist. Currently, the list of contenders for the post of head of state, whose elections will be held in France in April 2022, already includes more than 40 people.