Woman removed silicone breasts and became a boxer

The woman who augmented her breasts removed the implants and won the muay thai fight health problems, became a boxer and won a muay thai match. This is reported by The Mirror.

15 years ago, Emma Thompson, now 38 years old, decided to undergo a breast augmentation operation from size A to C. She immediately liked her new look. But after a few years, the Englishwoman began to experience alarming symptoms: heart palpitations, panic attacks and muscle weakness.

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The woman's condition deteriorated rapidly. As a result, it became difficult for her even to comb. She began to sleep 20 hours a day and could not climb stairs without a break. At the age of 29, after numerous visits to the doctor and a short stay in the hospital, she began to faint at home. The woman could no longer walk and feared for her future. At the same time, doctors could not make a correct diagnosis for a long time. They suspected the patient had infectious mononucleosis, but Thompson's condition did not improve.

After another visit to a specialist, the woman found out that she had the so-called “breast implant disease”. The woman's body reacted negatively to the silicone that got from the implants into the tissues of her body. 10 years after breast augmentation surgery, Thompson flew to the Netherlands, where she spent four thousand pounds (392.9 thousand rubles) on the removal of implants. The operation took five hours. Thompson claims that literally after the surgery she became a completely different person.

Vitality returned to the Englishwoman. She moved from Manchester to Douglas on the Isle of Man. Thompson began to play sports: first she ran one kilometer, then resumed weekly muay thai classes.

Recently, the Englishwoman began to actively train for the first Muay Thai match and, as a result, won the fight. “The victory was wonderful, but it was not even a matter of victory. It was about everything that has happened in the past eight years, “- said Thompson.

Now the woman wants to draw public attention to the problem of” breast implant disease “.

Earlier it was reported that the model from the UK spent more than £ 70,000 (6.8 million rubles) on plastic surgery and enlarged her breasts to the point where she can no longer tie her shoelaces. In addition, it is now difficult for her to find clothes that fit.