Vorobiev handed the keys to the apartments to the defrauded real estate investors of Lobnya City

The Governor of the Moscow Region handed the keys to the defrauded equity holders of the Lobnya City residential complex

Part of the equity holders of one of the houses in the Lobnya City residential complex received the keys to the apartments on December 3, which they had been waiting for several years. Soon all 276 equity holders of this building will receive the keys. The Governor of the Moscow Region, Andrei Vorobyov, personally congratulated the residents on the upcoming housewarming.

“A pleasant event, they handed over the keys. I know you had to wait. I want to congratulate you, I really hope that the problem is over, the quality of housing is acceptable. Now there are pleasant chores ahead – to make repairs ”, – Andrey Vorobyov congratulated the tenants. According to the governor, one of the main tasks is to solve the problem of equity holders throughout the Moscow region by 2023.
The Lobnya City residential complex is one of the largest in the city district, where more than 900 people have bought apartments. The plans included the construction of six houses, two of which were completed in 2018. However, the developer was unable to complete the construction process due to financial problems. With the support of the government of the Moscow region, the company resumed it, and in the near future all the houses of the residential complex will be commissioned. From 2020 to 2021, about 400 residents of the two buildings received the keys to their apartments, and in September 2022, the last equity holders of the complex will be restored.

A resident of the residential complex Lyubov Antonova has also been waiting for the completion of the apartment for several years. According to her, one of the advantages of living in the area was a good ecological situation and the presence of a forest near the house. “Everything has been completed, and we can live here in peace, raise our children,” the resident shared.