The WHO told about the lack of information on deaths from the omicron-strain

WHO: we have not recorded deaths associated with infection with the omicron strain

The World Health Organization (WHO) has no death information yet associated with infection with the omicron-strain of coronavirus. However, manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines must be prepared to “update” the drugs to protect against the new mutation. This was stated by the WHO representative Christian Lindmeyer, quoted by Reuters.

“It would be nice not to wait until the last bell rings,” he said.

On December 2, Australian scientists and doctors also noted that so far, no severe cases of the disease among those infected with the omicron strain of coronavirus have been recorded in the country. This indicates that it should not be considered more dangerous than other types of infection. But the lack of evidence of the dangers of the omicron strain does not mean that it is completely harmless. In addition, scientists have not yet figured out how existing vaccines against COVID-19 will cope with the new type of virus.