The Russians were informed of the rise in prices for tangerines

RIA Novosti: tangerines in Russia have risen in price by 25 percent due to a decrease in supplies from Turkey

Tangerines in Russia have risen in price. Before the traditional season of high demand, the price for them for the year in wholesale increased by an average of 18 percent, in non-chain retail – by 25 percent. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to experts.

Thus, the average price per kilogram of tangerines in November was 164 rubles, the Evotor company said. The experts studied the average prices of actual sales of non-chain retail in November of the current and last year. They used data from 800 thousand smart terminals in Russian regions.

“The so-called” high season “, when the demand for this product category is at its maximum, is November-December,” said the executive director of the Association of Food Producers and Suppliers. of goods “Rusprodsoyuz” Dmitry Vostrikov.

According to the association, today the prices in the wholesale range from 80 rubles per kilogram to 138 rubles. The average price is 110 rubles per kilogram of tangerines against 90 rubles in 2020.

According to Vostrikov, the rise in prices is associated with a reduction in supplies from Turkey. He also noted the rise in the cost of supply logistics.

Earlier, Elena Pavlova, a specialist of the inspection for the quality of food products, gave recommendations on the selection and storage of tangerines. According to her, the fruits should be clean, firm, without damage or stains on the skin. Such marks can be a sign of fruit disease, which will lead to rapid decay. In particular, Pavlova advised not to take green, rotten, moldy, frostbitten and tangerines with damage affecting the pulp.



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