The Russian woman visited Chechnya and described the trip with the words “looks intimidating”

A Russian tourist visited Grozny and called the atmosphere of the city tense looks intimidating. ” She shared her impressions of the trip to the Caucasian republic in her personal blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

As the girl admitted, the trip was spontaneous – according to her, she and her friends went to Chechnya “at random”, without blanks and experience. Therefore, at the border, when entering the republic, her fellow travelers, who were in shorts, were asked to change.

In Grozny, a tourist was delighted with beautiful buildings and spacious broadband roads. Nevertheless, she described the atmosphere of the city as strict and tense. For example, she was frightened by a large number of military men with machine guns, and also embarrassed by the portraits of the president of Russia and the head of the republic that are often found on the streets.

“I also noticed that there are only men among pedestrians. This suggests that women sit quietly at home, they are not supposed to walk around confused every time, “the Russian woman judged.

In conclusion, the traveler described the city with the phrase” there is nothing special to do. ” In addition, the author of the blog advised to choose a restaurant only on the recommendation of local residents, since it is impossible to find reviews of catering places on the Internet.

“You can still walk around grocery stores and check out the goods, what is eaten here and where the imports are from. … That's all for sure. Natural attractions outside the city “, – the girl summed up.

Earlier in June, a Russian woman with her friends went to the Caucasus and talked about saving on vacation – the trip cost 25 thousand rubles for seven days. The tourist clarified that in a week she and the group visited three republics, spending four days in Kabardino-Balkaria, three days in Dagestan and one night in Chechnya.