The reason for the rise in prices for new buildings in the Moscow region is named

CIAN: new buildings in Podolsk and Nakhabino have risen most of all after the opening of the MCD

(MCD), writes RBC. The largest price increases were recorded in Podolsk, Nakhabino and Krasnogorsk.

When the MCD station opened in Podolsk in November 2019, the average price per square meter of primary housing was 61.6 thousand rubles. By the end of November 2021, its cost increased by 117.4 percent – up to 133.9 thousand rubles. In Nakhabino for two years the growth was 109.4 percent, from 76.4 thousand to 160 thousand rubles. In Krasnogorsk, housing prices increased by 75.8 percent: from 113.6 thousand to 199.7 thousand rubles.

Dolgoprudny also entered the top 5 with an increase of 65.1 percent to 171.9 thousand rubles and Odintsovo , where the “square” cost 59 percent more – 173.4 thousand rubles. According to the head of CIAN. Analysts “Alexey Popov, housing in settlements where MCD stations appeared, began to rise in price even before their launch of the MCD-1 and MCD-2 lines, and after their opening, the growth accelerated.

So, the rise in prices in these districts of the Moscow region in two years turned out to be 20 percent more than in other locations, Popov said. Other factors behind the rise in prices for new buildings were the preferential mortgage program, the proliferation of escrow accounts and an increase in the cost of building materials.

Moscow Central Diameters linked the settlements of the Moscow Region with metro stations, the Moscow Central Ring (MCC) and radial commuter routes. The MCD is often called the “overground metro”.

Recently, CIAN also reported that prices for new buildings fell for the first time in two years in Moscow and the Moscow region in October. The average cost of a “square” in the Moscow region fell to 233.3 thousand rubles (minus 0.9 percent per month).



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