The price of an apartment in New Moscow has overcome the psychological mark

“Bon Ton”: the average cost of an apartment in New Moscow has reached 10.3 million rubles in new buildings in New Moscow, the price has risen by 3 percent, to 206.8 thousand rubles, according to materials from the Bon Ton agency provided to

Over the year, the “square” of housing under construction in the annexed territories has the price is more than 24 percent, analysts have calculated. In the Novomoskovsk district, a meter costs on average 216.3 thousand rubles, in Troitsky – 119.9 thousand.

The average price of a new apartment in this zone by December 2021 reached 10.3 million rubles, breaking the psychological mark 10 million. In the Novomoskovsk District, an ordinary apartment in a new building costs 10.5 million (plus 4 percent per month, 20.5 percent per year), in Troitsky – 7.9 million rubles (minus 2 percent per month, plus 9 percent per year).

“The rise in prices in New Moscow will continue at a faster pace than in the old one, due to a low price base and an increase in demand for affordable comfort-class housing,” analysts predict. – It accounts for 75 percent of total demand, in which the share of New Moscow is almost 42 percent. The average price per square meter of comfort-class housing, for comparison, in New Moscow today is 206.8 thousand rubles, in the old one – 262 thousand. ” that the pace of growth in house prices in Moscow is slowing down, at the beginning of 2022 stagnation is likely and even a slight rollback of real estate prices back – the market is very overheated.