The police drew up a protocol on the Russian deputy due to the lack of a QR code

The police drew up a protocol on the deputy of Asbest Yevgeny Shabanov due to the lack of a QR code

city ​​duma to check QR codes from deputies. A protocol has been drawn up with respect to one of the people's representatives. RIA Novosti was told about this by the chairman of the Duma Sergei Larionov.

According to him, the police came at the end of the meeting of the City Duma and began to check QR codes at the deputies. The deputy from Fair Russia, Yevgeny Shabanov, did not have it. Larionov explained that QR codes are checked at the entrance to the Duma, however, the Russian deputy passed anyway, since he said that they had no right not to let the deputy in.

“My opinion is that if you are a deputy, you should be a model “, – said the chairman of the City Duma. The press service of the GUMVD for the Sverdlovsk region promised to comment on this situation later.

Earlier, the deputy of the Yekaterinburg Duma, Alexander Kolesnikov, called the QR code system “bullshit”. In his opinion, such a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus does not work effectively enough, therefore, more stringent restrictions, including quarantine, must be introduced in the Sverdlovsk region.



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