The Ministry of Defense announced the imminent dispatch of robotic evacuators to the Arctic troops

The main workhorse and & nbsp; heavy repair and recovery vehicles REM-GT and & nbsp; technical reconnaissance vehicles MTR-G will become the basis of the Arctic repair teams. In the & nbsp; near future, the machines will undergo state tests in & nbsp; arctic conditions. After that, the organizational and staff structure of the Arctic divisions will be determined.

Repair and recovery vehicle & nbsp; & mdash; heavy REM-GT & nbsp; & mdash; created on the basis of the DT-30PM two-link tracked conveyor. It is designed for & nbsp; maintenance, military repair and & nbsp; evacuation of all types of equipment deployed in the & nbsp; Arctic zones. The technical reconnaissance vehicle MTR-G is made on the basis of the two-link conveyor of the GAZ-3344 tractor-20. Specialists of technical departments will be able to get to & nbsp; her to & nbsp; damaged or stuck equipment, assess its & nbsp; condition and & nbsp; at & nbsp; provide the necessary assistance.

New repair machines are specially adapted for & nbsp; actions in & nbsp; climatic conditions of the Arctic, regions The Far North, Siberia and the & nbsp; Far East. With low temperatures or squally winds, the crew with the & nbsp; & nbsp; help of robotic manipulators will be able to take on & nbsp; tug even the heaviest samples of military equipment without & nbsp; leaving the heated cockpit.