The groom quarreled with his best friend over the unexpected condition of the bride

A Reddit user said he missed his best friend's wedding because of his fiancée

Reddit user @ Fantastic-Cold- 5722 shared the story of how he turned down the role of a witness at the wedding of his best friend due to an unexpected condition of the bride and quarreled with him. The narrator was offered to act as a friend of the groom, but, according to the plan of the future wife of the friend, his girlfriend should be his partner at the party, and not the girl with whom he has been in a relationship for seven years.

The author noted that the bride of a friend from the very beginning disliked his girlfriend. “The reason was that she wanted to introduce me to her cousin, and I, it turns out, rejected her relative, becoming close to my girlfriend, thereby ruining her plans,” writes @ Fantastic-Cold-5722.

According to him, a friend's girlfriend even made several attempts to embroil lovers. The narrator then tried to put an end to this behavior by talking to his best friend about his partner's behavior. After that, he decided that the girl's suspicious actions were over, until he heard her plans about witnesses at the wedding.

The couple decided that there would be a party at their wedding with friends of the bride and groom. Later it became clear that the girl wanted to see a witness and a witness as a couple. “As a friend of the groom, she wanted to connect me with her friend, who was none other than the same cousin with whom she had been trying to set me up for so long. At the same time, it was assumed that I would go to the whole party with her, dance with her and even sit with her during dinner, while my bride would sit with some random guests, whom she does not know, ”continues the author of Reddit .

Understanding the intentions of the friend's future wife, the narrator said that either they were changing the plan, or he was giving up this role. The bride, on the other hand, used the excuse “this is my wedding” and said that even if she wanted the witness and the witness to kiss, they would have to pretend and do it. In the end, @ Fantastic-Cold-5722 refused to come as a friend of the groom. “My best friend and our mutual acquaintances understand why I did this, but they still say that I should have treated the wishes of the newlyweds with respect,” he concluded.

Earlier, another Reddit user shared a story about how he quarreled with the bride. The guy complained to his beloved about the harassment from the girl, whom she chose for the role of the bridesmaid, but did not meet with his friend's understanding. She refused to change her bridesmaid, leaving the couple on the verge of breaking up.