The flight attendant spoke about the most ridiculous questions of passengers during the flight

An American Airlines employee listed the dumbest passenger questions

American Airlines employee Tommy Chimato, who became famous on social networks thanks to videos about the profession, said about the stupidest passenger questions he had ever been asked. He shared some funny stories on his TikTok account.

So, the flight attendant remembered how one of the passengers complimented him by noting his beautiful uniform, and also asked if the man could lend it to him.

Another traveler suggested that the plane collided with a bird – in response, the flight attendant said that at an altitude of 30 thousand feet (about nine thousand meters), living creatures do not fly. Another ridiculous request is to “turn off” the latrine on board the aircraft. “This means that the restroom is too loud,” the passenger explained his complaint.

In conclusion, Chimato said that one day a tourist asked him to find out if the seats were upholstered in genuine leather. At the same time, the passenger said that he refused to sit in his seat because of the unpleasant smell.

Earlier in November, the same flight attendant revealed facts about his work that were unexpected for passengers. For example, the American explained the meaning of the double beep, which sounds like a call for a flight attendant in tone. According to him, this indicates the last drop in altitude and an early landing of the liner.